Financial Assistant – for Problems with Obtaining a Loan

Now something for people who are trying to get extra cash by non-banking, and I do not do it too much. With help in this situation an institution called Financial Assistant may come and its main priority is to help such people and find the right loan from among the many loan offers available.

Many people face negative decisions to grant a loan even in the case of submitting applications to non-bank institutions. The reasons for this state of affairs can be many from the bad credit history of BIK, through entries in the debtors ‘registers to bailiffs’ seizures. A negative decision on granting a loan may also be related to the current financial problems or low incomes of the person applying for a loan.

How is the process of obtaining a loan through a Financial Assistant?

How is the process of obtaining a loan through a Financial Assistant?

The first step is, of course, submitting the application via the website in which we provide our basic data. After receiving this data, a search will be started for a lender who would be interested in granting us a loan. So if we need cash for fast and we do not have an interesting credit history, then we do not have to look for a specific loan company that would like to give us a loan because it will be dealt with by the Financial Intermediary.

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Of course, as you can guess, the mere submission of an application does not guarantee us obtaining a loan but at the same time we do not lose anything because when submitting the application is not required or sending any prepayments or preparation fees.

Who can apply for a loan from the Financial Intermediary? Virtually every person who is 18 years old who is looking for a non-bank loan for himself. You should also have a permanent address of residence in Poland and a documented fixed income.

What loan can I get? The Financial Intermediary offers assistance in the scope of both small loans with a short repayment period and, therefore, payday loans as well as long-term loans that may cover much larger amounts of loans. In general, the scope of loans is relatively wide because the number of companies cooperating with the Helper is also large and ranges from PLN 50 to even PLN 25,000.