Find the Best Loan for Moving Expenses


Should you move away from home for the first time? Or are you looking for a new rental property and are looking for a loan for relocation?

Then you are far from the only one. When you need to move, you must both find space in the budget to finance the move itself – and then the landlord usually also requires a relocation fee . The price of relocations may well run out, and it may therefore be necessary to apply for a loan to cover your moving costs.

On this page you can read about:

  • What it costs to move from home.
  • Where you can find loans for relocation.
  • How to apply for online loans for relocation in rented accommodation.

Read here and become more aware of what a move costs and how you find the best loan for relocation.

How can Bundelfa help you?

How can Bundelfa help you?

When you are looking for loan for relocation on the web, we will be presented to a large number of providers.

But how do you choose the best loan for your situation?

This is where Bundelfa can help you. We have developed a 100% free consumer comparison service that will provide an overview of the market’s best and most current loans right now. It is essential for us that you have the optimal conditions for selecting the right loan for you.

We are therefore on the mission to make the loan market:

  • Easily accessible
  • Safe and reliable
  • transparent

By using Bundelfa to find loans for relocation, you can easily and easily compare loans based on loan amount, price and other loan terms. We disclose various terms, advantages and disadvantages of the individual loans, so you can make an informed choice. At Bundelfa we intend to portray all loan information in an objective manner . You are better off when you want to find, compare and select the right loan solution for you.

What does it cost to move?

What does it cost to move?

Whether you’re moving home for the first time or looking for a new rental property, it’s not a cheap affair to move. First of all, the actual relocation can cost money in the form of moving boxes, freightmen and transport. In addition, of course, the relocation fee is charged by the landlord as a form of guarantee for the maintenance and renovation of the accommodation.

This price usually implies a deposit and prepaid rent. The amount of the deposit depends partly on the size and quality of the housing, and partly on the landlord’s requirements in connection with the rental of the dwelling. The moving price can easily rise above 20,000 – 50,000 kroner, which few can obtain from their own pocket.

The Rule of the thumb…

The Rule of the thumb...

The amount of the deposit is usually about 2-3 months rent . In addition, there is a requirement for prepaid rent, which typically also consists of 2-3 months rent . Thus, the occupancy rate for a rental property will usually be for a total amount corresponding to 4-6 month rent .

Example: If the rent is NOK 5,000 a month, the deposit will be 20,000 – 30,000 kroner.

Would you like to read more about deposits and your options to borrow deposits? In addition to the relocation price, you should also think about new fixtures. Especially if it’s the first time you move away from home, you’ll find furniture, cookware, bed and anything else that belongs to an out-of-living life.

It can therefore cost cranes to move, why many seek the opportunity to borrow from moving costs. This can be a reasonable investment – especially if the move can not wait. Perhaps you have been admitted to the dream education in another city? Or are you suddenly forced to find another home solution?

Regardless of why you have to move, there are many opportunities to borrow for your move. When you apply for a loan with a loan provider, you can expect a quick processing of the application and a quick payment of the loan if you are approved for this …

Should you move out as a student?

Should you move out as a student?

If you are a student and move away from home, you probably want to make the move as cheap as possible. Students often do not have much money between their hands, so finding cheap housing solutions as a community and student housing may be an advantage.

This often saves you money in the form of a cheaper rent and monthly expenses. This is also due to the fact that students are usually offered housing support as a way to cope with the rent. As a student, you are therefore better off when it comes to state aid. However, you can rarely let go of a moving price and the purchase of furniture, cookware and the like.

Most students may therefore need a loan to move from home. Such an amount can range from 5,000 – 10,000 kroner, depending on the price of occupancy and the need for new fixtures. If your parents can lend you money for relocation, it will undoubtedly be the best and cheapest solution for you.

But it is far from all students, have this opportunity. A loan at a loan institution can therefore be an alternative to this. On the web you will find a large number of online providers who can offer you loan for removals – in all sizes.

Are you moving in a new apartment as an adult?

Are you moving in a new apartment as an adult?

If you have moved home and are looking for a new rental property, you often do not have to buy bed, furniture and various kitchen utensils. However, furniture must usually be adapted to the new lease, so you may well have to invest in a new sofa, for example.

But you do not have to invest the very large in furniture for the apartment, where a loan of 3,000 – 6,000 kroner will often cover your moving costs. However, keep in mind that you still have to pay a moving fee, which is usually higher than the case of a study residence.

Therefore, it may also be necessary to apply for a larger loan of around 10,000 – 20,000 kroner – depending on your borrowing requirement.

It is expensive to live in Copenhagen

It is expensive to live in Copenhagen

According to figures from BoligPortal, Copenhagen is the country’s most expensive city in connection with moving prices. In the capital, deposit, prepaid rent and first month rent can cost up to 100,000 kroner.

There is also a big jump down to Aarhus in the second place, where the average price is 40,000 kroner. Therefore, if you plan to move to one of the country’s largest cities, be aware that moving costs can be sky high. This can easily go beyond your finances – especially if you are a student where SU is your only income.

Copenhagen and Aarhus are Denmark’s two largest study towns, so many students may find it necessary to borrow money in the form of SU loans or other loans in addition to this.

Here you can borrow money for moving

Here you can <a href=borrow money for moving” />

For many tenants, especially young students, it may be a problem to have a moving price of between 20,000-30,000 kroner – or more, according to the standard of the house and the landlord’s requirements.

But, of course, there is a solution to this problem.

In several places you can apply for a loan for deposits, and it is worthwhile to investigate the various options.

You have 4 options for loan for transfer:

  1. In the bank
  2. At the municipality
  3. Via your network
  4. On the Internet

The bank often offers the lowest cost of the loan. On the other hand, the bank also asks most questions – and not least requirements for you.

Another option is to apply for a loan for transfer at the municipality . It is usually also on reasonable terms, but on the other hand, a number of requirements are included. This concerns, among other things, your income, family situation and other. Read more here at .

Your third option is loan with family or friends . Here, however, you should be aware that loans between friends can have consequences for the social relationship. Finally, you can apply for a loan to move with loan providers online . Here you have the greatest chance of getting a loan. There is therefore no reason to book meetings and call around banks, public institutions and family members.

You can find all relevant information and loan options online. In the online loan market there is a lot of competition, so you can easily be lucky to find a loan with reasonable terms online. Find and compare a large selection of the best and cheapest loans for relocation at Bundelfa.

Take an online consumer loan for relocation

Take an online consumer loan for relocation

Should you use quick cash to pay for a move in a nice rental home, a consumer loan can be the perfect solution for you. You can easily borrow 20,000 or 100,000 dollars without having to specify what the money will be used for.

It may be a challenge to find the cheapest or best loan, but with online comparison tools you can quickly get an overview. Borrowers offer loans on different terms, so it is wise to investigate different funding options before you decide. Some loans are organized for quick repayment, while others are adjusted for a longer repayment period.

There are usually very few requirements for you when you need to take up a consumer loan online.

  • Some companies require you to be 25 years old or have a fixed income.
  • You may also be required to have a Danish CPR number and citizenship in the country .

Even if you do not meet one or more of the mentioned requirements, you can still find a consumer loan online.