How To Get A Loan From The Bank – What Are The Conditions

Cash capital allocation of the tradesmen in need is made possible through the Lite Lender Bank, which is one of the important institutions operating in our country. In some of the past periods, the chambers, which have developed credit products on breath loans, SME support loans, and derivative matters, are notifying their members in case of arranging such credit campaigns in the future.

In addition to this loan product, which is given only at certain periods, there are also loan products that can be used at any time of the year and applications can be submitted through the Lite Lender Bank. Within the scope of this loan product prepared by the Tradesman Credit and Guarantee Cooperative, it is possible to reach the capital needed by trade and industry personnel in a short time. In this respect, how to use a loan from the Lite Lender Bank, what are the conditions, how to apply, what is a loan, what are the loan products are given and derivative issues will be useful to address.

Conditions of Tradesmen Bail Loans

Conditions of Tradesmen Bail Loans

There are some conditions that must be met in order to benefit from tradesmen and surety loans to be used through Lite Lender Bank. These conditions can be listed as follows:

  • Being tradesmen and craftsmen,
  • Being registered in the register of tradesmen and craftsmen,
  • The place of work or residence is within the working areas of the tradesman loan and surety cooperative,
  • Not being a member of a different tradesmen and craftsmen credit and surety cooperative.

Applications can be made if these conditions are met. Applications submitted are evaluated within a short time.

How to Apply for a Lite Lender Bank Loan Application

How to Apply for a Chamber of Commerce Loan Application

It is possible to list the steps that should be followed by tradesmen and craftsmen who want to apply for the relevant credit product:

  1. Written requests are made by going to the tradesmen credit and surety cooperative within the boundaries of the place of residence or workplace,
  2. After the request, the board of directors examines the relevant petition, investigates whether people have paid their debts arising from the loan products they used in the past, whether they have ongoing credit debt, their financial status, their business and gives approval or rejection within 15 days,
  3. In case of positive response by the board of directors, the petition is sent to Halkbank,
  4. Halkbank takes this request back into consideration, but this time evaluates it according to banking procedures and practices and calculates the risk of credit allocation,
  5. If there is a positive impression after providing control over the intelligence, the loan request is approved and the loan allocation takes place.

Documents Required for Application

Documents Required for Application

It is possible to list the documents that the tradesmen and artisans who want to submit their loan application must accompany as follows:

  • Tax plate,
  • Tradesman registration document,
  • Partnership statement,
  • Chamber activity certificate,
  • Certificate of residence,
  • ID copy and original,
  • 4 passport size photos,
  • The final account statement of the commercial account will be taken from the accounting and stamped,
  • GB,
  • Commercial vehicle license for driver tradesman.

The original and photocopy of the documents to be declared must be submitted at the same time. If the guarantor is to be shown, the guarantors must also submit their tax plate original and photocopy, identity photocopy and the original and the residence document. The number of guarantors that can be declared varies between 1 and 3 depending on the loan amount. It is also possible for those who request to provide collateral or mortgage instead of guarantor. If a mortgage is to be issued, it is necessary to present the title deed copy of the immovable to be given.