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A permanent job is no longer a matter of course these days. Rather, it is the case that more and more people with fixed-term contracts have to give up their lives and earn their money in this way. With a time limit, there is always the fear of not knowing what the future will bring. Will the contract be renewed again? Does the boss throw me out of today? Or will I eventually get an employment contract that will be issued for an unlimited period?

Questions that can become particularly important when you are considering taking out a loan. Because a loan without permanent employment is not available everywhere. Especially not if you want to accept him without a guarantor or a co-applicant.

Take the loan without permanent employment without support

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Many borrowers are happy if they can take out their loan on their own. It doesn’t just attest them a good credit rating. In this way, you do not have to involve any other person in your financial matters and thus ensure that in the event of payment difficulties, no one else is liable for them.

In the case of a loan without permanent employment, a guarantor or a co-applicant can only be dispensed with if one decides on an overdraft facility or a consumer credit facility. The overdraft facility is provided by the bank on the checking account and can be used whenever it is needed. The amount of this loan is based on the amount of income.

The consumer credit is earmarked and is given by retailers where you want to buy something. Here too, there is no question of permanent employment, so that a loan without permanent employment is possible in this way.

Use other types of credit

Use other types of credit

Other types of credit such as the installment loan or the car loan can only be used as a permanent loan if you work with a guarantor or a co-applicant. The additional person must have a permanent position and a good income. It is also not bad if she has a good Credit Bureau. Any type of loan can be taken out with a second person for the application.

When choosing the partner, it should be ensured that they are very close to the actual borrower, so that complications during the repayment can be quickly discussed and resolved. Because it must always be borne in mind that the guarantor or co-applicant is liable for the loan and the bank turns to him in the event of payment delays or defaults.